A one-of-a-kind, psychologically-based, comprehensive, high-level mentorship and certification program in the art and mastery of Conscious Female Domination!
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Mistress Damiana Chi, Ph.D.

Legendary Dominatrix, BDSM Sexologist, FemDom Educator, Founder of The Evolutionary Dominatrix™ Academy

Mistress Damiana Chi is a professional and lifestyle dominatrix who has held a full-time practice for over 20 years. She holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, a M.A. in counseling psychology, B.A. in behavioral sciences, and is a certified sexologist, specializing in kink-centered coaching.

She is an educator who cares deeply about supporting the kink community at large, as well as educating the public about what BDSM really is - a profound, multi-level form of connection with the highest degree of trust that can exist between people.

The Evolutionary Dominatrix™ Academy is a one-of-a-kind, psychologically-based, comprehensive, high-level mentorship and certification program in the art and mastery of Female Domination that features Mistress Damiana Chi’s signature psychologically-based methodology and personalized student feedback.  It imparts a comprehensive understanding and command of the use power exchange dynamics behind BDSM, as well as necessary physical skills and techniques.  Upon course completion, graduates earn the title of Certified Dominatrix.



Mastery of Mistress Damiana's proprietary 4-part psychological domination framework that can be utilized in-person as well as online


Self-study online course modules PLUS weekly mentorship Zoom calls with Mistress Damiana and her coaching team


24/7 access to private online community to connect with Mistress Damiana, her team and other students


Student demos with personalized critiques and feedback from Mistress Damiana and her team


Dominatrix certification upon having met requirements

Student Testimonials

"I'm a bit of a workshop snob and I know a valuable course when I see one. After following Mistress Damiana online for a little while and noticing her focus on the psychological intricacies of Dominance & submission and the deep understanding she has, I knew I wanted to learn from her specifically. The Dominatrix Archetype workshop was absolutely outstanding and jam packed with sinister goodness. Damiana has a wealth of knowledge that she loves to share for the betterment of our kink community and while she makes an incredibly ruthless Domme, she is also so very kind, generous and approachable. I truly relished in the content, experience and connections I've made and I'm looking forward to studying further with Mistress Damiana!"

~ Lavish Queen Muse, Los Angeles, CA (pro domme)

"As a (formerly) frustrated lifestyle dominant, I struggled to learn and apply skills that consistently allowed me to manifest the dominant headspace I desired - on demand. My sub could at times be quite unruly. Your seminar taught me to apply a few simple techniques to gain dominance over my sub. I immediately applied these techniques post seminar with nearly immediate effect. I have a greater focus on what I want from my sub and now feel less stressed, I can just relax and be in charge of her. This has been a game changer for me and my partner."

- Miss Tish, Omaha, NE (lifestyle domme)

"In the modern world, the D/s dynamic of BDSM has had its essence diluted down by media misrepresentations and people chasing a quick thrill or buck. What Mistress Damiana Chi teaches delves deep beneath the surface veneer of whips and chains and gets to the fundamental essence that makes domination a true art form. Damiana’s thorough academic and intuitive understanding of the human psyche was so evident and enriched the teachings. My craft as a Dominatrix has been ever-changed, all the more deep, sacred and powerful having met Damiana."

- Mistress Violet Night, Los Angeles, CA (pro domme)

"Mistress Damiana is a gracious, insightful, and skillful teacher. Her vast knowledge of psychology and her passion for BDSM is evident. It was her educational background and years in the profession that attracted me to her coaching offerings and lead me to this workshop. She clearly developed a unique dominatrix program that is highly comprehensive and includes both instructional and practical education. This immersive online workshop was attended by a variety of students that ranged from novice BDSM lifestylers to pre-professional dominatrixes of all ages and backgrounds. It was clear that each one of us gained deeper knowledge and understanding of BDSM and a greater appreciation for the dominatrix art form. It was particularly helpful to hear the feedback from Mistress Damiana's submissives. They were extremely kind, thoughtful, and engaging. Additionally, they were so willing to offer their deep feelings on what BDSM means to them and how it makes them feel. They added an invaluable component to the coursework and practical skills demonstrations. If you want to go pro or just want to explore this side of yourself with a partner, please consider taking this workshop. You will learn an extraordinary amount of valuable information and practical skills training during this weekend workshop. I look forward to continued professional coaching with Mistress Damiana.!"

- Lady Desiree, Boston, MA (lifestyle domme)

"I discovered Mistress Damiana’s Dominatrix Archetype Workshop online as I was searching for a mentor to assist in my transition into becoming a Pro Domme. Mistress Damiana’s professional demeanor, credentials and experience confirmed my desire to attend the workshop.

From the onset, it was evident that Mistress Damiana is a charismatic, highly intelligent and encouraging woman with a gracious energy and passion for her craft. Her meticulous attention to detail and supportive nature were demonstrated throughout the course as she continually engaged with everyone to ensure all group members had opportunity to participate and felt safe and inspired to do so.

The workshop is perfectly organized with a balance theoretical knowledge, practical skills, engaging demonstrations and individual practice with submissive participants and helpful feedback.  The members of our group were positive, encouraging and provided insightful comments and discussion throughout. Mistress Damiana has designed the course with consideration of all learning styles so that it can benefit everyone who has the desire to deepen their knowledge of BDSM.

One of the most powerful aspects of the experience was witnessing the deep admiration and sincere respect that each of our group members have for each other. Mistress Damiana and the Chi Temple submissives’ established dynamic most certainly contributed to this energy which created a non judgemental, progressive environment for everyone. The diversity of our group members experiences gave an amazing opportunity for perspective and I feel that it enhanced the learning opportunities beyond the course material. It was incredibly beautiful to be a part of everyone sharing their personal stories of their journeys of navigating life with the kink lifestyle. This openness enabled us to connect and served to strengthen our peer communication.

The Chi Temple submissives that were chosen by Mistress Damiana to assist us were absolutely first class, experienced and exemplary model subs. Their dedication, commitment, and continued support in our growth as Dominants is amazingly kind and admirable. It was a pleasure and privilege to work together. This served as another testament to the care that Mistress Damiana has taken to ensure the quality of our education.

Overall, I felt that the value of the D.A. Workshop far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this workshop with confidence to anyone with an inclination or curiosity about becoming a Dominatrix. I look forward to the advanced workshop in the future and in the interim will continue to practice the skills learned in this workshop!

- Miss Eva Violet, Vancouver, BC, Canada (pro domme)

"When I signed up for the Dominatrix Archetype workshop I was expecting to brush up on skills that I thought I already had a good grasp on. What I got was much more than I expected. This intensive hands-on workshop is suitable for any woman looking to gain confidence in their personal, professional, or kinky life. In my case, a budding pro-domme, I gained a polishing of my innate abilities, a better awareness of the psychological aspects of domination, and a refinement of technical skills. Most importantly, and unexpected, was a lasting feeling of camaraderie and closeness with my wonderful classmates and the outstanding subs that were there to give feedback and answer any and all questions. Mistress Damiana Chi is extremely knowledgeable and a very good teacher. I can attest that my time there was an experience I will never forget and I cannot wait to go back for the advanced workshop!""

- Mistress Wendy, Spokane, WA (pro domme)


If you are, or aspire to be, a pro or lifestyle domme, we invite you to apply to The Evolutionary Dominatrix™ Academy! Please take a moment to thoughtfully complete the form below so we can learn more about you and determine if you are a good fit to join us in this one-of-a-kind, psychologically-based, comprehensive, high-level mentorship and certification program in the art and mastery of Conscious Female Domination. Some knowledge and experience in BDSM is required. If accepted, you will be invited to a replay of a live private training webinar given by Mistress Damiana Chi to begin your journey!